Best Investment, Tax Return and Mr Electric Blue

After dreaming of being vomited on the other day I was busy this morning unblocking our domestic sewerage system with my plumbers’ rods. The plumbing here has “anomalies” and is prone to blockage. So, I was deep in the shit, so to speak.

These rods which have given me the best return on investment ever have saved us well over two grand over the years. It probably costs a few hundred quid to get someone out, if possible, to shift blockages. Now my technique is good it only takes me a couple of hours. I guess there are many who are too squeamish and too important to do what I did today.

The last time I used the rods was 19th June, see the previous post.

Not long after I finished and cleaned up the yellow postie van pulled up and delivered a letter from the French Public Finances. In it, was the official confirmation of my provisional tax return / demand. Because of our low income and various allowances, we are actually below the threshold whereby we pay any tax. Thus, there is nothing to pay.

A while back I found Mr Electric Blue the Kingfisher concussed on the mat outside the veranda. I have seen him a couple of times this week. Once I was standing on the bridge over Le Jaudy and he flew under the bridge, right under my feet, and then through the bridge to where the yappy dogs live. Today while I was taking the photo through the bridge below and I was on the bank. He did it again. Unfortunately, I was not quick enough to catch a photo of Mr Electric Blue the Greased Lightning Kingfisher. But I was very happy to see him doing aerobatics…

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