The Karma of Golgotha

I’ll preface this by restating that karma is the law of cause and effect.

I have chosen this title because it is dramatic.

Viewed from one angle the events that led to Golgotha and the execution of Jesus by the Romans were relatively small scale things. Demonstrative and punitive execution was a method of control of populace and probably a regular occurrence. Life was brutal and short back then.

There were some annoyed powerful people who wanted Jesus dead, and they arranged a series of manipulations which all but forced the Romans to kill him. In all likelihood they were probably convinced that they were right and thoroughly justified in their actions.

The shakers and movers concerned, so to speak, were probably few in number and did not want their power base threatened by some upstart. Jesus’ gang was small in number and not overly high on courage. So probably something like less than fifty people were directly involved in the actions of the cause at Golgotha. There were many spectators especially according to recent film dramatizations.

Those who lobbied for death had no idea what it was they were about to unleash. They could not imagine the number of paintings and sculptures they would have been the pre-genesis of. Nor could they countenance the magnitude of the box office receipts or the gold in the coffers of the churches.

This cause, which they had a large role in, shaped world events for the next 20 centuries or so. The effect of their self-interest ripples out across space and time. Even now the karma is playing out all over the world. The many effects of the cause at Golgotha continue and multiply. At this one short nodal point in space-time the history of humanity changed course.

It is possible, over the centuries that many more people were killed than died at the bombing of Nagasaki because of what took place amongst a small handful of people. In fact, the number dead probably runs into many, many millions. The wars between the Christian and Muslim, between protestant and catholic have raged. The Jihadi and the Crusader, the evangelist and the “lucky” indigenous have each bled.

The actions of the few can have implications and consequences beyond conception or measure. This, the Karma of Golgotha, shows us without equivocation. Had it not taken place the world in which we currently exist would not have the form it does today. I would not be sat here in France writing this.

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