Shenanigans and Likelihoods

Since arriving in France, we have noted some differences in how things are done. This is specifically the case concerning administration. They love a good dossier and we have provided several. There are PDFs of all our documents. Everything needs to be ship shape and Bristol {Brest} fashion.

The way divorce and finance are handled here, differs.

There are requirements for certain bits of paper. For example, if there is no agreed maintenance payment, the tax return of the parent with whom the student does not live, is still required as a part of the student dossier for eligibility for finance. If there was one expressed as a percentage of income, no doubt the tax return would also be a requirement. Failing that one would have to sign, on one’s honour, an attestation.

Parental permission can be required from both parents, for various things. They love this kind of thing because it encourages at least a minimal relationship.

I can say that there is a fair likelihood that my signature has been forged and that some cock and bull story or other is now a matter of record in the annals of the French administrative system. It may or may not ever come home to roost. Others may be fully complicit in this.

I have not signed anything for over a decade. Nor has anyone asked me for my tax records.

Both my general practitioner and gastroenterologist have nagged me to tell any near relatives to get checked early for colon cancer, they think there is a genetic part. The French health system is very interconnected.

I am now integrated into the French tax system and make an honest familial return every year. You must make certain declarations concerning family on these forms. I have a tax code and a social security number. I am legit and have a right to live here for a few more years. I even have a French driver’s licence.

The system is slow to get started but efficient and slick when in motion. I get an official tax judgement confirmation within a couple of weeks of submission of return. Learning new ways of doing things takes time and my confidence in the system here grows.

There may be other cases where my consent / agreement has been misrepresented by others.

The weird thing is that nobody checks with me…

We have tried to do everything by the book, in case in due course, we want to apply for citizenship/more permanent residence.

But other people’s shenanigans may come to the light and act as a fly in the ointment.

I know what I have signed and what I have not…

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