Phew I {We} Got Away with That.

This mentality of getting away with it / stuff / things / behaviour abounds and can be found on all sides.

I know of people who have over egged insurance claims, told barefaced lies and exaggerated beyond fact in official documents. Others like Uncle Boris do not believe that rules apply to them and will squirm, lie and weasel so as to avoid any comeuppance. People behave in a shabby manner and avoid accepting the societal consequences of their actions, this applies to groups of people and not just individuals. There is often a going through the motions window dressing inquiry that is disempowered so as to obscure reality and obfuscate events. It is common practise to appear to inquire in order to avoid. People argue the scope, or terms of reference of inquiry so as to weaken it. The longer and more drawn out the inquiry is, the less timely and more toothless the outcome. People like to manoeuvre. The Grenfell inquiry, what ever happened to that?

In institutions there is the notion of compensation and non-disclosure agreements. Complainants are bought off and silenced, the guilty go free. The “devil” strikes a bargain. On occasion people get away with “it” in plain sight for years, Savile. Sometimes the house of cards comes tumbling down, but only after much wrangling and suffering, Epstein.

Many feel entitled to treat others in a very shabby manner if it enables their self-advancement or the propagation of agenda. I remember people talking about firing colleagues so as to improve REF submission quality and thereby access to research funding. Nice.

The getting away with it here is in the context of not getting found out by other humans. There is this wonderful expression, plausible deniability.

Certain people are adept manipulators and use others for their short term imagined benefit. Manipulation can be a powerful, short term, avoidance technique. People can be very naïve and in giving people the benefit of the doubt encourage sleight of hand. Then again and again, they give people the benefit of doubt over and over. The more status and kudos people have the more leeway for shabby and unpleasant behaviour they are afforded.

“Nobody of high rank would do that…”

“He is famous so he must be telling the truth.”

How do you treat others?

Have you ever felt, “phew, I {we} got away with it?

Do you believe that you can outwit karma?

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