In the Twilight Between Waking and Sleeping

This can be referred to as the crack between worlds or the cusp.

This morning and for no apparent reason, because I had in no way been thinking about them, I became aware of Prof. C. and later Dr B. In this case Prof. C came through strongly, he was visiting. I haven’t seen him for well over two decades. It occurred to me that he might have recently passed. Attached to him was Dr B. who is now an associate prof. I will scan the obituaries in due course.

Also, I picked up a pang of guilt attached to someone else. The kind of feeling where you know that you have done something wrong but either cannot or will not do anything to rectify it. The act cannot be found out but is nevertheless a trespass against someone.

There is a mentality which assumes that if you can’t be found out by other humans, it is ok. This mentality obviously negates the twin notions of sin and karma. It is a “phew I got away with that” mentality.

Weird start to the day. But we have more rain, yippee!!

If it passes, I’ll take the wife out for a spin in the wheelchair.

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