Malvern – Tibetan Buddhism Dream 20-06-2021

It is 7.27 AM I have just woken up and the kettle is on for coffee.  Here is this morning’s dream.

I am at some kind of personal development conference with one of the followers of this blog. She is somehow convening the course and we are participating together. I tell her that I know where we are. We are at the Royal Signals Research Establishment, RSRE Malvern and that I have been here before. There are a number of us at this event.

There is a break for lunch. I leave the room and get into a lift. The lift takes me to a sub-basement floor by accident where I disembark. I see a men’s toilet and go into it. I stand in front of the urinal for a piss. In the toilet there are a number of young men. They are all talking about semiconductors and semiconductor growth.

I follow them out and into a mess hall where everyone is having lunch. I stand in a queue and behind a couple of youngish men. They too are talking about semiconductor growth.  I interject that I know a little about the subject. They are highly sceptical. I say that I know about MBE, chemical beam epitaxy CBE and MOCVD. This surprises them. I say that I worked with Bruce Joyce whom they have probably heard of. This surprises and interests them. I ask them what they are working on. They say Bragg reflectors. I suggest that they must be using graded materials so as to accommodate the strain between layers as they grow their reflector stacks. Wherever there are two different materials with different lattice parameters there will be strain. This demonstrates some knowledge to them. I say that I have a number of papers with Prof. Jing Zhang. They ask if I would like to see their clean room. Yes, I would.

They run off up some stairs and onto a raised platform. The platform is made out of metal and one can see the floor through it. They jump from one platform to another. I am nervous that I will be unable to make the jump because of the height and my injured hip. When I get there, the gap does not look so large.  I jump over and they lead me downstairs. We are now in the entrance to the clean room. They hand me over to a dark-haired man who is a Tibetan and who is dressed in Tibetan Buddhist monks’ robes. I make to enter the clean room, but he says that I must put on some overshoes first. I do this and he leads me through some doors into the clean room.

I ask him why he is here. He says that he likes to do research and enjoys science. He leads me into a room where there is a large Tibetan Buddhist monk with long grey hair and a large head. He is sat meditating. He is a big man.  My “guide” sits to his right and ushers me to sit to his left. The big man is beaming and radiant. There is a sense of much fun and considerable good-natured mischief to him. I sit down. His “aura” is enjoyable and welcoming, it is full of charm.  He turns to me and gently grabs hold of my chin. He says that I must open my mouth and look upwards.  This I do. He carefully inspects my bottom front teeth and is happy with what he has seen. He says that I have the four signs that he has been looking for. He says meditate. I shift quickly into a deep state of meditation. He says of course you can do this I never doubted it. I come back from the state.

He ushers me to stand up and leads me outside. We look back at the building of RSRE Malvern and to my astonishment tagged on to the research facility is a truly vast Buddhist temple in the Tibetan / Bhutanese style. We are viewing the facility from the Queen’s Lawn in South Kensington. He leads me on and into the temple.

As we enter the building there is a chamber in which many young men dressed as monks are meditating. He says that all of these will want to give me my first hug of welcome. He leads me up to his rooms, his office. I know that I am with Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and that he has been inspecting me. I recognise him from the you tube footage I have watched.

I awaken and although still tired   feel the need to note this dream down. As I am writing I feel the warmth of the being from the dream. He is “here” now somehow with me for the moment.

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