Apertures in the Web of Life and Likelihoods

Luckily, we have not long had ~10mm of rain. Some of it is evaporating and I can feel the humidity rising. There are a few rumbles of thunder, and it feels like we are going to have some kind of thunderstorm in due course.

For some bizarre reason I am picking up a triangulation between a senior figure in Buddhism and various people at the place I used to work sixteen years ago. This is bizarre and although possible I would rate it as unlikely. As I understand it, they are not in the same country.

At the turn of the century or thereabouts the most likely fate for me would be to have a somewhat run of the mill, academic career. A sort of steady no big deal one. I was headed along the educational / pastoral development route and given the way things are now, I would probably have ended up as a teaching only academic / administrator. I was not very REF-able.

Nobody would have placed a bet that I would be here now, as I am.

The most likely path ahead is that our lives do not change all that much. We may sell up and move to a smaller house / garden either here or another country. I haven’t found a showstopper for South Africa yet and various possibilities or apertures in the web of life are presenting in Wales. Deepest darkest Carmarthenshire has popped up on the radar. We could easily find an affordable property nearer the bigger hospitals here in Brittany.

At some unknown stage in the future the myeloma will return and the first battle against it will be fought. Eventually the disease will become refractory and cannot be put into remission. After that I will be truly alone. The time window for this is unknown but finite. It will be a struggle.

I have no intention of doing much else. If finances get very tight, I could do online tutoring for physics or chemistry or face to face English conversation. I still have an account at the tutoring web site I used and could reactivate all my good reviews. The world does not have much use for me as I currently am.

Dreams can be thought of a representing possibilities or apertures in the web of life. If acted upon in a timely manner it can be possible to manifest dream content. If not acted upon, what might have been possible through the aperture, ceases to be possible. What might be does not become. Once an aperture has closed unless it is strongly indicated by fate, it does not recur. In other words, these apertures can have “echoes”. Nothing obvious on that front at the moment. The dreaming has been a bit quiet.

We could take a view that spending what time we have left in the Western Cape could be good. There are whales to watch and local wine to be drunk. The least difficult path is downsizing here. Although we have thought about making a brief trip back to the UK to see how we feel, it is pretty difficult to summon much enthusiasm especially after watching the British news. Wales online does make me chuckle from time to time. It looks like things are going pear shaped and the counter inflationary measures are going to increase the cost of living for those in debt {a large part of the UK population}.


It will be 4pm soon, time to dish out the medicine and get the anticoagulant injection ready for the nurse. On Thursday it will be yellow, recycling, bin day. Another week will have passed.

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