A Bit Eerie

It is a public holiday here in France today.

Things this morning have been a bit eerie, very quiet.

It is understandable that people are not really moving about yet. After the heat and the sun, we have a tiny bit of rain.

The weird thing is that the birds have gone quiet. There is only a tiny bit of wood pigeon noise.

The only time I recall birds falling silent like this was when we went to see a solar eclipse in the UK countryside. We were at the edge of a wood near a large open field, the sky darkened and the birds fell silent for a couple of minutes and then they started again.

They have been quiet now for several hours…

It is as if they are waiting for something to happen.

Meanwhile I have had one of my auditory buzzes and I am getting “breakthrough” from people I once knew. One is older than me a female, two males about the same age as me and a male and a female ~twenty years younger than me. All of these are in some way academics.


I stopped taking my analgesia with opium in yesterday lunchtime and I can feel where I did some intercostal damage. It is not too painful, just enough to be aware of it. The four days or so with only light physical activity seems to have worked and my hips are feeling better for the rest.

I’ll have another go on the exercise bike later. The osteopath has recommended this. The idea is twofold, get my arthritic hips rotating in the socket and then when I am warmed up, do some stretching exercises. Since I have been going to see “Torquemada” I have gotten a fair bit of motion back and I am a little less spastic in my movements. So that seems to be working nicely.

Maybe I’ll look a little more into the Western Cape options later today.

Still no birdsong, I’ll take some sunflower seeds out to see if that kick starts them…

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