Projecting Malevolence

It is not just fictional witches or voodoo practitioners who project malevolence at other beings. Sometimes allegedly sane people who do not get their own way can get mightily annoyed and project malevolence too. They may even plot the harm or downfall of another. Whilst they themselves may not believe in the pointed bone of a voodoo priest, in their fury they can intend harm at a distance, with an equal measure of ill will. Some people harbour grievance and ill will for a very long time and with much bilious intent.

This morning I have awoken with two scratches on my back, one of them is nearly 30cm long and given my lack of flexibility there is no way that I can have done it. The wife says she did not do it.

I don’t think that this was a psychic attack, but I don’t recall how the scratch got there.

People who are not highly evolved can be very envious of others and wish them ill. This projection of malevolence and ill-will is encouraged by the Dark Brotherhood. People like Trump are agents of malevolent and divisive thought forms. The man who was CEO of the company I co-founded was a nasty, mendacious piece of work. He was really unpleasant to the employees and to anyone he, in his paranoia, deemed a threat.

People who project malevolence are nearly always fearful and paranoid. They tend to use their anger and rage as bullying defence mechanisms. They deem their malevolence fully justified and that they are entitled to project it at the deserving victim. They can fall swiftly into a kind of narcissistic rage, even encouraging supporters to storm the house of representatives.

One does not need the imagined trappings of sorcery, like a wand, eye of newt, bodily fluids or a noose. One can dump a veritable cesspit of malevolence into the web of life without these. As the clip from Macbeth suggests, conspiracy is amplified by companions and so often there are three.

Just as triangles of light can be formed, so can triangles of darkness. When three like-minded people get together the level of projected malevolence is greater than the sum of the parts.


What do you project into the web of life?

Is it light, love and compassion?

Is it bile, malevolence, envy and ill will?

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