La sécheresse – 12/8/22

The whole department in now on a level 4 alert. I was planning to do some watering after 8pm today – now forbidden.

At 2pm…it will hit 34 by 4pm…

These are looking a tad worse for wear….

The dahlias are about half the size of last year.

The firewood looks pretty good, ready to use. One bonus…

Le Jaudy is below the last step for the first time since we have been here.

The flow under the road bridge is low….

The level of the pond in plug hole corner is very low. We are not allowed to top it up from Le Jaudy. I am getting slightly concerned for the fish.

The swamp next door is at an all time low, it may dry out completely.

After the ravages wrought by the coypu we are getting a second flush of lotuses. These are about 10cm diameter.

One of the paths to water made by our thirsty visitors…

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