Is it Taboo to Talk About Evil?

I’ll preface this by saying that what is socially acceptable is a time varying thing. For example, both heterosexual and homosexual sodomy are perhaps way more fashionable now than they have ever been before and are in many countries no longer criminal offences.

Now there is much handwringing about macabre and brutal colonial pasts and there is a movement to redact this from history, statue by statue. There is a redact functionality in Adobe Acrobat. Pretending that the evil did not exist does not deter future evil. Having slaves, was in some circles, socially acceptable. The child of a master and a slave was often born a slave.

I am guessing that some people might consider the Inquisition as evil, even though it was initiated by the catholic church. Perhaps the protagonists genuinely believed that they were doing good when they held witch trials or tortured to gain confession. It was, at least at one level, socially acceptable.

It is possible to be deluded as an individual and deluded as a group.

Social acceptability therefore is no reliable barometer for good or evil. People can do some unpleasant things and kid themselves that they are just dandy.

People go on about the glory of ancient Rome and Greece and conveniently forget about all the brutality. We have movies about Spartacus and the mass crucifixions. The British invented concentration camps.

I know from the statistics of this blog that any post with darkness in it gets less hits. People it seems do not wish to discuss / get informed about evil.

In our times it is possible to execute an adversary from an upgraded games console which directs a heavily armed attack drone. We may not smell the explosion or get splattered in blood and bone, but we can kill from an office chair. Death becomes sanitised by distance and technology.

Which is worse crucifying a rebel slave or killing your religious enemy with high explosive?

Which is more evolved and civilized?

Modern conventional munitions, destroy, maim, and slaughter yet this can be dressed up as regime change and sold with the fake news of weapons of mass destruction. This is some very evil stuff. Yet people justify it to themselves as for the greater good…deluded? People who imagine themselves the “goodies” are not nice. They are bellicose destroyers of human lives for their own, often petty, aims.

I reckon that one of the tricks about evil, is to make even the notion of evil, a taboo subject. People are afraid to mention evil in case it rubs off. As such evil hides under a cloak of its own making and thereby festers. Evil has brought about a trick of invisibility and a cloak of justification. Evil sells itself via concrete mind through the means of the word justifiable. It was justifiable to invade Iraq and kill Hussein {who we don’t like much} because he had weapons of mass destruction.

If that is the logic, why hasn’t the USA invaded North Korea or Israel?

Evil is insidious, once it has the thin end of the wedge in the threshold of mind it starts to open the furrow along which it permeates. Soon people are justifying things that they would never justify before because the moral compass has been put into a spin by the magnitude of reasons that evil uses to justify what it wants. Evil starts by tiny steps, sets a precedent and soon the steps are bigger and less savoury. Look it says, there is a precedent, this is not too big of a step, we have done this before.

Evil is alive and operational in our times and people use lower concrete mind to justify its ends and goals. Reason and justification are so often the legerdemain used to enact evil. You may for example believe that you are a “goody” when actually you may be a selfish, self-advancing and grasping individual who stops at very little when it comes to advancing your own agenda, no matter what it may cost others. You may justify this as simply being ambitious, striving after what you want and perhaps believe you deserve.

Are you sure you are a “goody” and not a “baddy” in disguise?

The wife and I have a little joke about exorcism. I occasionally like to mention exorcism in public, some people actually shiver when they hear that word. 😉

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