Omens and the Unexpected

We once had a fully grown male peacock on the roof of our house in the quaint Buckinghamshire village of Buckland. It does not happen every day that you get a fancy peacock on top of a Grade II listed former schoolteacher’s house.

If I said this to you, would you believe it?

Here is a picture I took on the 21st of April 2008 using a FinePix F40fd camera.

This morning we had a quasi-conscious kingfisher sat on our mat for at least thirty minutes. I am glad to say that after I had emptied the coffee grounds and was debating about whether to walk close to it again, when I got to within a couple of feet, it flew off. Dazed and confused, yes, dead, no.

Yesterday evening as I was getting my “opium”. I was walking along the road towards the pharmacy, and I saw a dead starling on the ground. I asked myself if this was a dreaming symbol or an omen. I concluded that because it was already dead, it probably was not an omen for me. This morning however, after I rushed to get my clothes on for the parcel, there was the kingfisher. That for sure was for me.

I checked and the European Kingfisher specializes in fish and small aquatic insects and animals. What was it doing flying into our veranda and knocking itself stupid? We have seen, possibly this same bird, take fish in front of our eyes from the pond. Later on, I saw one of the big dragonflies fly into the veranda window. Could the kingfisher have been chasing one of these? Probably not at that time of day because the dragonflies are not early risers.

Is the universe sending me a message? Or is some loony stunning kingfishers and placing them on my mat? Which is more likely?

We have also had an owl fly into one of our windows. Check out the wings. This one was probably chasing a bat. The imprint is still there though much faded.

The peacock arrived at ~ the same time as the two crows who nested a few metres from our back door in a cavity in the old school building. You can see their nest site just above the big fancy window on the school hall. Russel and Sheryl {Crowe} stayed with us for a number of months as did the protector cats who took to sitting on our garden wall. Our back door is the white one with the fancy black metal patterns.

These appeared after I had a vision at dinner and around the time that I was “told” that I had been a close disciple of Siddhartha. I also had been given an outline of my five most recent previous lives.

We are kind of used to the unexpected…

It feels like the kingfisher is perhaps the start of a new dreaming sequence….

Maybe, maybe not…

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