Covid the gift that keeps on giving….

My chest has not been right since I had Covid 19 in May this year. Since then, I have had three lots of antibiotics and my chest has never gotten back to its pre-covid state.

I had weaned myself of the Ventolin, prior. But I have been taking it about twice daily since.

Each morning after I take my Seretide I have a bad coughing fit about an hour later. This means that I need to take my drugs about an hour and a half before I leave the house. To cough like that in the middle of a supermarket would not go down well.

I have had a mild pain in my right lung / rib cage for quite a while. Yesterday morning I had a big coughing fit after which my chest seemed much worse. I took more Seretide.

This morning there is a big pain there in my right lung / ribcage area.

Best first pass guess is that I have cracked a rib coughing. It feels similar to when I dived on a ball playing rugby as someone was sizing up to boot it. He booted my ribs. In A&E they did not bother with an X-ray given the circumstance. They told me not to laugh which was obviously funny.

In a while I will take the wife to the hospital for an X-ray and an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon about her broken cuboid bone and plaster cast. I’ll push her around in a wheelchair. After that I have a G.P. appointment and there is a fair chance I will be back down the hospital for an X-ray soonish… They are always careful with ex-smokers…

Covid, the gift that just keeps on giving….

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