New Age – New Paradigm?

Paradigm: a philosophical and theoretical framework of a scientific school or discipline within which theories, laws, and generalizations and the experiments performed in support of them are formulated.”

Who knows if Einstein actually said those things in the previous post? Stuff found on the internet is not necessarily factual.

The gist of what that quote says is true. Often, we can make problems be-cause of our manner of thinking. Our thinking causes the problem. We cannot therefore use the same thinking to undo the problem. There is no solution from within the paradigm, a paradigm shift will not help. Only a complete change of paradigm can enable a solution.

I’ll make a statement.

People rarely include the notion of karmic consequence in the “decisions” they make.

If they want something they “justify” their desire from within the paradigmatic view of what they believe they deserve or are entitled to. People can find a whole host of dodgy reasons when they wish to. Karmic consequence is not a conscious part of the common mundane paradigm.

A recent example of karmic consequence is the so-called “partygate”. The consequences rippled out from a rather silly and ill-considered set of actions. The mind-set which imagined that no rules were broken was paraded for consumption and was found wanting by many who were not in the Westminster bubble / paradigm. The erstwhile prime minister was not able to wing his way out of this one.


 A cornerstone of modern interaction is conditional relationship by transaction. “If you do this for me, I will do that for you.” “If you don’t do this for me, there will be bad consequences for you.”

This can result in the abuse of power; it can be explicit or implicit. Hence, we have things like the casting couch. If you give me a BJ, you will get a part in the film / a better chance of promotion.

There is a fine line between mutual cooperation and corruption.

“If you invite me to give a high profile invited lecture, I will return the favour in due course.” Is mild.

People who play the back scratching game, understand the rules and operate in the paradigm of “favours”.  There is nearly always an expectation of something in return. “What is in it for me?”

This paradigm is based in imagined gain for self over whole. It is the paradigm of self-advancement and not self-less-ness. Self comes first. ME, ME, ME.


In my paradigm there is the notion of karmic consequence. Once karma starts to ripple out it cannot be stopped and one cannot negotiate with karma, nor can one buy karma off. Karma does not have a back to scratch.

In the paradigm of people who like to negotiate everyone has a price, a desire, which can be leveraged. This paradigm is held by many as an operational framework for life upon the physical plane. How many people have signed NDAs for an enhanced severance cash pay-out?

I have suggested in this blog that the paradigm of acquisitional materialistic hedonism based on economic “growth” is unsustainable upon a planet of finite resource. There is an inevitability of conflict as availability of resource dwindles. Question my logic? If people cannot look to the whole as opposed to the self, this too creates an unsustainable planetary tension between the haves and the have nots. People think it is clever to take. In the long term that cannot be sustained. It is not really all that clever.

We have to change from a local me / we to a truly global, us. We are in it together…

The new paradigm must be The One Life, The One Humanity a complete re-orientation away from selfish greed and self-advancement. These are primitive and archaic behaviours.

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