Dai-Ichi Hotel Dream 07-08-22

This dream is in stark contrast to the one yesterday morning. Although I am reading “Le bureau des jardins et des étangs”, by Didier Decoin which is set ~800 years ago I am not getting much other Japanese influence.

The dream opens with the view of a large boardroom table around which are sat men in suits, mostly grey but some dark navy. They are all over 40 years of age, some have grey hair, some are partially balding. They are of mixed nationality with some being oriental. Everyone is wearing a tie. At the end of the table there is a large white presentation screen. I am in front of it with a pointer stick and am giving a technical and commercial presentation to the audience, who are listening intently. I am dressed in a charcoal grey suit with a navy blue tie and am wearing my rimless spectacles.

The presentation finishes and I am outside the boardroom in the lobby of a hotel. An American man in a grey suit with a patterned darker grey inlay motif comes up to me and says, “Thanks for that Alan, it was very useful. But you let it go a bit at the end, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did, I did that on purpose.”

The American man walks with me to the hotel reception desk. I tell the clerk that I am going out for a wander. He gives me a card with the name of the hotel and a telephone number. The hotel is called The Dai-Ichi Hotel” and the name is written in Kanji and Latin script. He says, “if you get lost hail a cab and show them this”.

The hotel is in a very built up area of Tokyo and within walking distance of the central station. I take my time and enjoy wandering around.

It is starting to get dark, and the lights come on. I look at the card to remember the name of the hotel “Dai-Ichi”. I know dai-ichi means number one, first or top.  I turn the corner and there is the high rise Dai-Ichi hotel.

I enter the lobby and sit down. Next to me there are some young Japanese people. One of them is a young hostess and she has been sent there for me. She is very friendly, and I know that she is by way of a business temptation for me. I say, “no thank you I am tired” and go up to my room. In the dream I know that there are some low level attempts at corruption going on pertaining to the content of my talk.

In the dream I make sure that I remember Dai-Ichi which verbally would be Dai-Ich with the last I silent.

I wake up and the first thing I do after putting the kettle on is type Dai-Ichi Hotel Tokyo into Google.

It looks like this:

And is in a quarter not too far from the Imperial Palace. It also not too far from my favourite hotel, Hotel New Otani. I have not been to Tokyo for ~two decades. Back in that “lifetime” I was good at doing technical / commercial presentations. After going to “Semicon East” I met representatives of Canon and Nikon in the lobby of the New Otani. It was considered a good neutral place for the first meetings.

I have never heard of the Dai-Ichi Hotel before.

When I used to go to Tokyo, it was great to get off the plane and into a hotel room, shower, dress in a yukata, and then order a couple of bottles of Asahi beer and a bento box. Many gaijin who suffer jet lag wander the streets of Tokyo at strange hours of the day. I often met them.

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