The Scent of Death and a Dragonfly Encounter

I forgot to mention that whilst I was circumambulating the pond this morning, I thought I detected a faint whiff of death near the beech tree. This is near where my mole traps were. I made a mental note, and this added to my intention to get the traps up.

This afternoon with my heavy duty rubber gloves on I started to dig up my traps. The idea is not to scent mark the traps ever with human smells. The first hole, by its red marker had two traps in a mole corridor, no joy, though one trap had been sprung. The second set had a red and a blue marker, three traps and a mole junction. When I laid the traps, I felt that this was a likely area for a catch. Sure enough, on the blue plastic marker there was a big fly. I thought that the fly has been drawn to the smell. Perhaps it was the same smell that I had gotten in the morning breeze.

I started tugging on one of the traps and by the resistance I knew that there was a mole in it. I pulled it out of the tunnel and put it on the spade. It was not too decayed, but it did pong quite a bit. I released the trap and took it down to Le Jaudy for recycling. I said goodbye as it floated off in the current to provide a meal for some scavenger(s) in due course.

We are still getting a lot of dragonfly and damselfly action both around the pond and down by the river. After picking up all the mole traps I did some fence maintenance removing brambles and ferns. When I had finished a large green dragonfly of some special iridescence landed on my right leg.  It was in full sun. It stayed there for around ten seconds.  I was entranced. It was a beautiful way to end the labours, to stand silent, listening to the river and blessed by a dragonfly on my smelly combat trousers…I felt really thankful and quite touched. It was lovely.

Now Felix will be waiting for me on the bitumen, and I will take him his dinner, before cooking hours.

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