Unacceptable Truths

There are some things which the human mind is unwilling to accept or at least accept fully, because to truly accept these things changes everything. People in general prefer some comforting “version” of reality over reality itself. I have said in this blog that in my opinion humanity will not reach its current climate change targets for 2050 unless something truly dramatic and/or devastating happens which acts as an alarm call which cannot be put on snooze.

In my opinion the economic paradigm of aquisitional materialistic hedonism under the mantra of economic growth is not sustainable upon a planet of finite resource. The logic in this statement is true.

The bank of England is predicting recession, one of the Tory candidates is saying that economic growth will solve all the problems on the red national balance sheet. There is no obvious way to get people to accept the truth that growth is in the longer term unsustainable, it is an unacceptable truth within the context of the current economic paradigm. People must at one level know this truth but then they forget about it and chant the mantra of growth.

I have often wondered if GDP growth is a little like exam grade inflation. People don’t get smarter, teachers don’t improve vastly, people learn how to play the increasingly predictable exam game. There was already dumbing down when I worked in a university. Prices goes up, GDP growth ensues. It is real growth or an artificial thing? What is growth calibrated against?

In the previous post about context and juxtaposition, I hinted at a possible truth which deviates from those that other people might have of me. That putative truth suggests that I am some kind of reincarnated Buddhist monk / priest. I am guessing that this possible truth would be very hard to swallow for a large number of people who may have interacted with me. Implicit in it are some strong karmic implications for people who have been a bit of a Jeremy towards me. It also suggests that although they may be adamant about what their interactions have meant, they have gotten entirely the wrong end of the stick. They may not be able to accept this from within their own paradigm of “reality”. To appreciate would require work and learning which is not their main interest in life. They may be too busy to lend it even the most fleeting of passing thoughts. Who even donates a turd?

I joke that I am a geek-yogi superposition state, therefore a quantum yogi. I am bilingual, in that I can speak concrete science and esoteric thought.

Many at best pay lip service to the notion of reincarnation. Some still imagine Pearly Gates and Hellfire. Most are caught up in the pass times of modern existence. There are a lot of displacement activities and much escapism.

Logically the only way one gets to find out with 100% surety about what happens after death is to die. At brain death consciousness either ceases or it carries on without any corporeal apparatus. Ladies and gentlemen faites vos jeux, place your bets. Everyone is certain that they are going to die, but few prepare for it whilst they can still significantly alter their orientation towards life. When there is little left on the clock one cannot alter the deeds of a life, there is not sufficient time to rebalance, it is too late.

I have been “told” that I am never coming back here as a human being, this makes me a non-returner within that context.

So what?

Many people say things for effect. We can hear what others say and then discount it, even forget hearing it. Our confirmation biases are often rigid and far reaching, though we might never accept this. Biased, moi? Anything which does not fit with our confirmation bias is discounted in a neo-Pavlovian way. It does not even get considered.

Is this statement about not coming back, my imagination, something that I am saying for effect or is it an unacceptable truth; a truth that is hard to accept from within your paradigm or a truth which is hard to accept because it has implications. I know several people who might take this statement at face value and go, ok no big deal. Others might think that I am a whacko nut job.

It is not my problem; I am not coming back.

I have a version of some events which suggests that various people are deep in the karmic do-do. There is no way on earth that these people would accept this. They are adamantly convinced that they are right and thoroughly justified in their actions and in the manner in which they construct their version of “reality”. To even accept as a working hypothesis that my version has any merit, would be to start to reorient themselves towards their “reality” paradigm, this would be destabilising for their view of the world. It would be, therefore, unacceptable because the acceptance changes the perception of everything.

Sometimes the penny refuses to drop, and people demonstrate their magical powers of telekinesis to keep said penny in the air, they are like Magneto, so to speak.


Have you ever found it difficult to accept something which was/is true?

Did you ever break any rules about having office parties during lock down?

What makes a truth unacceptable to you?

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