Wheelchair Fun and Southern Hemisphere Options

We had a wheelchair delivered this afternoon. The idea is for the wife, who has a plaster cast on her broken foot, to be able to get out of the house and go somewhere that is NOT a hospital. So, we went for a spin off road and around the pond. It was a bit scary and uncomfortable for her as the chair does not have off road suspension. We should be able to get more easily to the haematology appointment in the big hospital for her last big chemotherapy injection tomorrow.

I looked into the possibility of emigrating to the Southern Hemisphere yesterday. I am not eligible to be admitted into Australia, but it looks like South Africa is possible!!

We meet the minimum salary requirements when converted into Rand. The property there is reasonably priced and the climate there is moderate all year round. It is less likely to be involved in any nuclear war.

Apparently, there are expatriate communities there.

A mid-priced bottle of wine is rumoured to be ~ €4.50…


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