Minimum Wage and Assumptions

Yesterday I was speaking with my osteopath, and he was commenting that the minimum wage in France has recently been increased and he was intimating that people must find it very hard to live on that wage. For a 35 hour week it works out at €1679 per month. Because we are British and live in a big house it never occurred to him that my pension is quite a long way below this minimum wage figure. I don’t think that minimum wage would go far in Paris, out here it goes further as rents are more sensible

There is a tacit assumption here that British people are in general loaded.

Today I had my first brush with wealth in a very long time. We used to live near Farnham in Surrey and the Waitrose car park there was full of expensive motors. Out here in the sticks, there are not many new cars. Travel to Lannion, St. Brieuc or Rennes and the cars get newer and more expensive.

I know that I have become a bit of a bumpkin.

Today the quotation for two implants to replace missing pre-molars came to €3,700. I was at a posh periodontal clinic in St. Brieuc and amongst the clientele was an expensively dressed woman who did an excellent job of parking her large BMW and two very expensively attired black women. Yeah, there is clearly more money floating about.


That is a lot of money…I have to send off the quotation to our health insurers to see, what if anything they will contribute. For some reason I don’t understand my dentist did not mention dentures…or bridges…perhaps they don’t do them here…

I need to look into this a bit more…

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