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The act of lecturing, spouting, ranting about a particular subject to attempt to make a point or a stand. Derives from the days when people, such as ministers, actors, strikers, abolitionists, rights defenders, etc. would take a sturdy soapbox (soap came in wooden crates then), carry it to a street corner, and begin preaching their point to anyone passing by.

That point of conversation led her to soapbox about the subject until she knew she made her point.


Over the course of my life, I have met many people who have expressed seemingly adamant opinions on diverse subjects without ever having researched or even considered them. They feel the urge to pass on the “collective wisdom” the provenance of which has never been checked.  Because “they” say it, it must be true. I obviously am much in need of their wisdom and I need to be told / enlightened.

People can pooh-pooh from their soapbox and behave like a right Jeremy to others.

Fake news can often be more attractive than reality and certainly more prone to spreading. People can spread gossip and rumour as quickly as coronavirus. “Ever since I got that microchip implant during my coronavirus vaccinations I have been thinking differently.”

In real life, away from universities, many people have expressed adamant opinions to me which, although strongly held, they knew next to nothing about and could not explain how come they had that opinion. I have heard people in universities poppycock things which they knew nothing about. It was often a kind of Pavlovian assertion. “There never was Atlantis, that is just some made up hippy shit.”

Even if it is only metaphorical the notion of the destruction of Atlantis is increasingly germane as we head like a planetary juggernaut towards climate catastrophe. My best guess cure for the climate crisis is a nuclear winter caused by human beings soapboxing and being bellicose and assertive. Someone will miscalculate and bang!

People in general like to score “points”, “win” arguments and argue the toss more than they like to listen, think, comprehend and reflect. Homo Sapiens?

In our time we have the phenomenon of “instant expert” where people profess their abilities and use soapboxing as marketing. The problem is that if one is using a soap box to preach people tend to forget that the soap box is generally empty and vacuous. Sound bytes cannot ultimately cover for lack of content. The internet is awash with influencers who do not for one minute consider what it is they are pushing.


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