Are Parts of History Groundhog Fractals?

Obviously in terms of precise mathematical fractals, which generate some spectacular images, they are not. But if we get a bit fuzzier and look at very approximate patterns and themes, they may have some fractal quality.

There are perhaps themes or repeating templates of behaviour. Some person gets “into character” and enacts something that has been enacted many times before. One woman attempts revenge on another in an acrimonious court drama. A famous couple with a volatile relationship washes their dirty linen at a very expensive public launderette {court}. Burton and Taylor? They remarry, J-Lo and Ben.

The establishment often turns a non-conforming individual into a pariah and perhaps by duress forces them to chemically castrate because of a little unfashionable sodomy. The judges who took part in this decision were probably from the English private education sector and would have had perhaps some adolescent exploratory fumbling with beings in possession of a similar number of penises to them.

The all seeing church does not like it when a man with a telescope challenges their earth-centric inaccurate cosmology and thereby its patriarchal dominion. Excommunication.

All through history lack of compliance with the status quo and power evokes repression, torture, and death.

Napoleon invaded Russia as did Hitler; this decision was pivotal in ultimate failure.

The British, the Russians and the Yanks had a go at Afghanistan. Nobody looked at precedent and said, nah that is a mug’s game.

People build walls, around ghettos like Warsaw, across countries like Germany, between USA and Mexico, between Israel and Palestine.

Apartheid was practised in South Africa, USA and is current in the middle east.

In time walls always come down.

In time and with much friction enforced ghettos fail.

Apartheid can only be sustained for so long.

But people keep on trying the same stuff over and over. Doh…

The flow, the general outcomes are not so dissimilar.

History shows that all empires ultimately fall. Complacency and decadence set in, and the slow and stepwise erosion of standards and morals takes over. Decay and death of empire are not immediate but insidious.

Western democracy which so often blows its own trumpet is in deep shit. We could say Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson are cut of similar cloth. This is the escapism cloth of making money and over promising, in exchange for power. If Trump thinks he is making America great again, he is a severely deluded being. Does Boris not see that levelling up, is deeply prejudicial and patronising. We can get you Northerners {plebs} to be as prosperous as us, and to make you share our values…

The entitled deluded buffoon sociopathic fractal is propagating in our times…

Are Parts of History Groundhog Fractals?

Yeah…. Kind of

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