Is England Increasingly Delusional?

This morning in the wee small hours the notion that England and the English are becoming increasingly delusional planted itself as a thought form in my head.

Recently there have been huge traffic jams at Dover because of the need for non-Schengen people to have a passport stamp. It was framed in some newspapers as the French taking “revenge” for Brexit.

These jams were simply an effect of the cause, namely withdrawal from Schengen, so as to take back “control” of the border and prevent the pesky eastern Europeans propping up the UK agriculture and nursing sectors. There was an inevitability to this, it was obvious that this would happen. But no, we are getting the magic delusional 380 million message on a bus back to aid the ailing NHS.

I was fortunate to have an “United Nations” nursing team the night I was in recovery from my cancer operation. I had some very nice conversations with a Czech nurse and one from Malaysia too!

From here the NHS looks to be in dire straits, yet certain politicians still bang on about the wonderful NHS. Although French administration is burdensome, the health system works well. We are going to A&E later for the wife to have her plaster removed.

It is pretty clear that there is a good chance that fuel prices, specifically gas, are going to rise sharply. I have been looking to source some extra wood, early. The cost of living crisis is real.

In the UK press some are claiming that Boris was a good leader betrayed in a coup!! Really?

Liz Truss is getting tough on China. I bet Xi Jinping is bricking it.

They have unilaterally legislated against the Norther Ireland protocol.

They are talking about withdrawing from the European Court on Human Rights so they can ship refugees to a country in which there was fairly recent genocide. Where next? North Korea?

Are these people delusional?

When all this Brexit shenanigans was in full and very boring flow, I felt that there was a good chance that this would ultimately lead to a united Ireland and an independent Scotland. Who looked after the NHS while Brexit dominated the agendas?

People in England do not like reality…” Don’t be silly old boy…have a glass of claret…”

The illusion that a drawn out and bitter divorce {Brexit} will engender good will is bizarre.

Cutting off your nose to spite your face is unwise…

“Mummy it is not fair they made us wait to have our lovely blue passports stamped. Nasty Frenchies…”

“I know let’s bring back the Imperial measurement system.”

There is nothing like Party-gate to increase the standing of the nation in the eyes of the world…

Yup, I think England and the entitled English are getting increasingly delusional and very much putting their heads in the sand / up their own arses.

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