Neurodiversity, Hyperfocus and Meditation

This morning started with a very weird dream along the theme of “Invitation”. The dream had me accepting an invitation to a meeting, going into the meeting, and trying to find a chair for a quick exit. This was impossible. I sat in the back row and listened as a man gave an impassioned speech. He then sat next to me covered in sweat and I noticed that he was entirely bald and had two stumps where his legs should have been. In the dream I kind of knew that I should never have accepted the invitation to go back. I have been scant with this dream because it also points at an identifiable person.

I have some scientific evidence that I am not neurotypical.

That evidence is based on some experiments I did with a Fast Fourier Transform frontal lobe Electroencephalograph. I can reduce the electrical signals of my brain activity such that they fall into the noise of the instrument. I do this by achieving what I call “the point before mind”.

I mentioned earlier in the blog Dr Marky Suntan. I focused on what he was saying to an extent that caused him some discomfort, a form of hyperfocus. I can {could} stand for four hours at a time aligning a complex dye laser, in a dark room with hypnotic pumps. Even when I used to smoke, I would not break.

The question as to whether the hyperfocus and ability to switch off my brain is genetic / hereditary or learned, is not readily answered. I can safely say that my biological proximal family could not shut the foxtrot up, being very extroverted. So I am already unlike they. I can also add that I have done some form of meditation from an early age.

Because of some behavioural issues in school aged 11-13, possibly caused by PTSD {hippo and crocodile attack}, I ran a lot of punishment rounds {laps of a football pitch}. Sometimes this amounted to 5000 metres in one go. I used to meditate to the rhythm of my breathing and my feet. As a result, I was good at cross country and used to represent the school at 1500 metres.

I had myself checked to see if I was on the Autism spectrum because over the years, I have pissed a lot of people off by calling out their bullshit. Apparently, the psychologist thought I was not. However, being too true and lacking social filters is not well accepted in the general population. It is not my problem if people have fragile egos and take things WAY too personally.

I have a notion, that this current apparent increase in people with non-neurotypical traits is a sign of human evolution.

Genuine acceptance of neurodiversity may be needed in the years to come.

If a being with a penis can walk into a lady’s changing room in a shop, why can’t a weird git like me get some more social acceptance?

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