Is The World Stuck?

When I did my predictions for 2022, I suggested that due to egotism 22, there was a good chance that this year would manifest as minus 4 (2 +2 = 4). Minus four is not stability it is inertia. Also, I hinted that the 6 (2 + 2 + 2 = 6) would not manifest positively in choosing the new over the old. It would stay like some eternal Groundhog Day favouring the old.

Every morning I briefly trawl through the online newspapers, and it seems to me that the world is indeed stuck. The bickering brought about by the “brexiteer” mood continues. There is a kind of destructive quasi-stalemate in Ukraine. The French presidency is dis-empowered by the law makers, The US presidency is fairly lame, and we have a bunch of bullshit artists fighting for control of the Tory party. Italy and Israel are having more elections.

We have just had a heatwave and I have not heard much about climate change in the Tory leadership race. People want tax cuts and holidays…they don’t want to hear about any change or sacrifice.

Covid continues to spread in waves and now we have monkey pox too!!

Inflation is back with a bang. There are people {in the UK} that cannot remember 15% mortgage rates and negative equity. I can. In simple practical terms the cost of a dwelling in the UK is generally over inflated. This house were it situated where we used to live would be “valued” at ten times what we paid for it.  The ability to live in it remains the same.

The summer of stagnation ripens in the fields of the year. What will be the nature of the perhaps meagre harvest in the autumn?

Will they turn off the gas as it starts to get colder?

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