I Can See Dead People

Although people are willing to accept telepathy and the supernatural in films and television, many do not profess to believe them in “real” life. Others are more convinced in things that go bump in the night. Those who do not “believe” in ghosts would nevertheless be hesitant to spend the night in an allegedly haunted house or castle dungeon. I would perhaps be more relaxed than many of the nay-sayers.

People who profess things in the luxury of daylight, may not be so certain or convinced in the wee small hours.

I have an open mind.

In my flat, that I once owned in London, which was the ground entertainment floor of a large “mansion”, I was pretty sure that I saw residue there dating back nearly a century. I saw some of the goings on. My maternal grandfather came to visit me a couple of times after his death. We were close. I could go on. In one rented property I saw the image of a young woman who had hung herself at the top of the stairs. That place took a lot of cleansing!

It is not fashionable for someone who has a Ph.D. in chemical physics and >50 journal articles in peer reviewed science journals, to say that. This could even be ridiculed because there is no six sigma proof. People can be prejudiced when they lack personal experience.

I know what I saw.

I have been “visited” by dead family members, in laws and even a parent of an ex-girlfriend. I have performed Buddhist phowa rituals when people are in the in between or bardo, to help ease their transition.

In this house we have a kind of basement, called a vide sanitaire, when I was doing a full shamanic house clearing with a smouldering smudge stick, I went in there. Spontaneously the smoking sage ignited back into flames. Far out…Oxygen? Methane? Or something else? I did not need to change my trousers.

I guess the questions are:

Do you believe in ghosts?

If not, would you be willing to back up your professed opinion by spending the night alone in an allegedly haunted place?

Are you all hot air?

Is what you say in public and in front of others during daylight different from what you believe in the wee small hours?

Me playing with “ectoplasm” in 2008 in the kitchen.

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