A&E and Acting Suspiciously?

Yesterday the wife twisted her ankle badly and overnight it swelled up a huge amount. So, I drove her down to A&E. Because of Covid regulations I was not allowed to accompany her in. The hospital and its grounds are very empty on Saturday mornings. I got to wait ~two hours whilst she saw a doctor, had x-rays done and was cleared of fracture. She has a plaster cast fitted which will be removed on Thursday. The turn around time for a low triage priority problem was exemplary.

She probably won’t de driving for quite a while…

I got to listen to the mobile MRI scanner being fired up at one shady sitting area by the front door.

During the wait I wandered around the hospital grounds for the third time in less than a week. There were notices alleging surveillance cameras in the car parks. I could not see any. I have a buzz cut hairdo and as usual in the summer, I wear desert combat trousers. This combination seems to evoke confidence because people often ask me directions when so attired. In the UK someone wandering through hospital grounds to while away the time might be seen as suspicious behaviour, especially if they do this on a regular basis. Who is that nutter? On my wanders a young woman with an injured boyfriend asked me directions to A&E. Ten minutes later and she too was waiting outside A&E. When I returned she recognised me, smiled and thanked me again.

The nurse has just been to administer heparin so for the next few days we will be again a “social” hub. Luckily, we already had my crutches and a chair in the shower.

I wonder do we qualify for hospital loyalty points….

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