Seeing and Being Seen

Out here in Brittany there are still people with “the gift”.

“According to Philippe Le Stum, originally groac’h seems to have been the Breton word for fairies in general. It evolved to mean an old creature of deceptive beauty. It is often spelled “groah“, the final consonant being pronounced like the German ch. One of the possible plurals is groagez. According to Joseph Rio the assimilation of the groac’h with the fairy is more the result of the influence of Émile Souvestre’s tale, and commentaries on it, than a belief deriving from the popular traditions of Lower Brittany: “The Groac’h of Lok Island”, a story intended for literate audiences, uses a writing technique based on the interchangeable use of the words “fairy” and “groac’h“. Anatole Le Braz comments on this name that “Groac’h is used in good and bad senses by turns. It can mean an old witch or simply an old woman.””




From Proto-Celtic *u̯rakkā


gwrach f (plural gwrachod)

witch, sorceress; hag

Welsh mutation

radical   gwrach

soft        wrach

nasal      ngwrach


It has happened here before. This morning in the local supermarket I was clairvoyantly read by accident by a youngish Breton woman. I felt her looking at me and turned to look at her. She noted that I had felt her “observing” me and when our eyes met, she jolted slightly. She looked a little surprised that this geezer in an anti- covid mask of my size and shape, had noted what she was doing. I read that she had seen something in my make up. There was a non-verbal exchange of recognition. She was slightly nervous to have been “noticed”. She was tattooed and hippyish.

We banged into each other a few more times during the shop and each time there was a little bit of evasive action. She was in my head for a while as I was loading the shopping into the car, and I understood that she was telling someone about what she had seen

A few weeks ago, I was in another supermarket and a respectable looking woman and her husband were loading up their trolley and I noticed tattooed on the upper part of her left chest a very large tattoo of a witch. I understood it to be her mark, her joke to herself.

This morning I am picking up an interaction between two individuals and one of them is perhaps suggesting to the other one that they might get in contact with me  because she used to know me many moons ago…


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