On What Do You Place Value?

I have not long finished doing an initial look at private tutoring web sites. Depending on where you live the rates vary. There are agencies in Switzerland, Dubai, Texas and the UK.

The business models vary. Some web based agencies charge an introduction fee to the student or more usually the tutor. This can be as little as one hour’s tutorial fee. Others take a cut of earned income. Many require you to fill out a contact details form, for some follow up sales pitch bollocks. Some of this stuff looks well dodgy.

Back in 2017, if memory serves me right, I was charging £40-50 per hour with all materials included. I also used to help people with their physics practical exam preparation and had a kit of “toys”. People in roughly the same experience bracket as me on no fuss web sites are charging ~£62.50 an hour now. Elsewhere I have seen a Cambridge physics Ph.D. student price his A level service at a whopping £175 per hour.

I sincerely doubt that the added value of this chap is worth the price differential.

Some international tutors are at the 100 – 125 euro per hour level. Others on that site are at the 75 euros an hour level. € 75 and £62.50 are not worlds apart.

I used to do at least 30 mins preparation for each lesson as I am not keen on winging it and most, but not all, of my past students went up two grades in their exams. I did a lot of chilling out of both parents and students.

Out here in the wild west physics Ph.D. students are charging € 20 per hour and the going rate for learning English from a French person is € 20 per hour. Zee accent will remain zee same. Paris is obviously more expensive.

My osteopath is € 45 a session of sometimes 30 mins.

I would find it hard to justify a price of € 100 per hour, for private tuition. It would seem like taking the piss to me.

The crazy season for the UK tutoring market was always January – June. People would do badly in their mock exams and the bank of mum and dad would call for tutorial support. The rest of the year demand was low.

Using the “average” £62.50 figure then my market value is a little over £40 per hour, at first pass.  It is possible to have a couple of students September-January and then wait for it to go crazy.

This is the best estimate of my current market value. This is the realistic and perhaps realistically realisable value placed on my physical plane time and skill set.

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