Dripping With Sweat…

If you would have told me 17 years ago that at the age of 57, and with both a titanium implant in my left femoral neck and bilateral osteoarthritis in my hips that I would be shifting a quarter of a tonne of grass cuttings through a gravitational potential of 1.5g I would not have believed you. Neither would I have been able to imagine that I would be living on a joint monthly pension of ~2000 euros in a large house in rural Brittany. Back then my take home salary after tax was a fair bit more than this and I was living in a large two bedroom flat in Upper Tulse Hill {Brixton}. I was a city dude.

I have just done the shift the grass cuttings job and it takes a little over an hour of non-stop graft. By the end of it I was dripping with sweat to the extent that my white t-shirt was soaked and see through. This is my current physical plane reality. I will have to do this job probably two times more this year. It is a good work out and I am now very hungry.

It seems like we are going to have to economise, or I am going to have to maybe do some online tutoring again. I doubt there is a market for face to face physics or chemistry in English out here in the sticks. Maybe up at Lannion? The dentist yesterday was keen to try out his English. I can speak close to the received pronunciation, so maybe there is mileage in English conversation. I might have to invoke the auto-entrepreneur thingy. There is probably some red-tape to explore.

People here probably don’t realise what my background means. The anaesthetist at the Polyclinic had a colleague who had done their thesis where I used to teach, so he knew…

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