Speculations on the Problems with the Future Schools of Meditation

As I may have mentioned I was involved in an experimental New Age group. I am aware of other experimental schools, in New Zealand, Scandinavia and the USA.

Having been involved in conventional higher education, it is fair to say that it is hierarchical in orientation. The lowly postgraduate student rarely has as much kudos or power as the professor who has a large research income. If in doubt the word of the professor would hold more weight than the student because of his/her status. The professor would be believed before the junior lecturer. This belief would be of a Pavlovian knee jerk kind, it would colour ab initio any interaction. Prof. X is famous and has higher status therefore his/her word carries more weight than that of Dr Y.

My own experience was that when I was no longer an academic, Ph.D. students on my personal development courses did not treat me with as much respect and “awe” as when I was involved in university department management, when I had a say on whether they deserved credit towards their degrees if they had had some difficulty. They were in some case unruly because they were not at their own institution, the rules do not apply off campus.

I’ll make a statement here.

People do not know how to behave in the absence of any established physical plane hierarchical structure.

This means that without fear of repercussions there can be a tendency to behave badly.

In the New Age group I mentioned above, there was no structure, to start with. We met at my house / flat on a biweekly basis. There were many assumptions and petty interactions at the personal level were prevalent. Many imagined that they knew more than they did and were in possession of a good understanding of material. There was a lot of arrogance and little thought. There were a lot of power struggles and one upmanship. It was in many ways the antithesis of what it might have been aiming at.

It is not beyond the realms of possibility that I am able to assimilate and teach complex material. Yet few were willing to listen to me without argument and taking time to think or consider, in the New Age group context.

The Tibetan suggests that people will instinctively understand when an initiate is advising. I suspect that my brother of the second ray is being a tad idealistic here. He is creating a vision to aspire to.

I’ll make another statement.

A truly New Age group devoid of status and structure and in which there are near zero hasty personality interactions where the group is in close proximal physical plane contact is a very, very long way off. Toxic and competitive personality interactions are the death knell of close physical plane group working.

So, these experiments are underway, they are not entirely smooth. A hundred years has passed.

The Tibetan suggests that each school needs a fifth ray teacher.

It has been my experience of many of the people who read the blues books, that they do not like it when I use my fifth ray mind to get them to try to be less wishy-washy. I predict that a lot of people on the 2-4-6 line will struggle with assimilating fifth ray concrete mind thinking. They will get offended if someone like me calls them woolly and imprecise. It is not all fluffy bunnies.

Dr Marky Sun-Tan was a consultant medic who was treating my wife a few years back. Despite his nice suit, expensive suntan {St Barts or Maldives?} and probable Mercedes, he did not really like it when I lowered my spectacles, peered over them and started to viva {interview} him like he was a Ph.D. student. He misread the situation and asked if I was alright…he was the one who was sweating.

People don’t like it if their imagined physical plane power and status are undermined. Few are humble when it comes to new ideas. Premature self-diagnosed omniscience is pandemic in our times.

The major drawbacks when it comes to developing new school of meditation are threefold.

  1. There is no provenance or tradition stretching back centuries, which can be identified on the physical plane. There is no famous geezer to authenticate. Without a physical plane historical lineage people are suspicious.
  2. The cake and eat it syndrome. People might like the notion of change and evolution but not if that means they actually have to change and evolve. People want to evolve and keep their life pretty much the same.
  3. There is no cash for things that don’t turn a profit. Donating to the church or the sangha, is often done out of guilt to offset sin and/or in attempt to buy favour from deity. A new school does not have any established Gods which might be bribed.

I may add to this list of speculations if anything more pops into mind…

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