A Shade Over 39˚C in the Shade

It is ten past 5 French time and ten past 4 Cornwall time, which is probably more appropriate here in Brittany.

It is just possible that we will hit 40˚C.

As you can see from the map below there is a heat warning, records have already been broken here.

The heat reminded me of the first time I was present at a graduation ceremony as staff. I was stupid enough to wear a suit under the gown. Sitting for three hours or so under the lights and in full view of a full Albert Hall is not comfortable. I did not do this again. I ditched the suit.

I watched the bit where the Chemistry students graduated. Even today, if they had come to see me, I can recall some of the difficulties they had and maybe put names to >50% of the faces.

When I was around five years of age, we moved from Bristol, UK to Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia.

Out in the arid semi-desert, 43˚C in the shade was common and we got to play under the houses, with the redback spiders and the snakes. There was only one rule; water and a wide brimmed hat.

The record was something like 46˚C and it was not unheard of to have three months in a row where the average daily maximum for the month was over 40˚C. The lowest rain was something like 93mm per annum!

I remember fainting on several occasions from heatstroke, particularly when playing cricket. I would wake up under the tap and have no idea how I got there. To this day I instinctively know where shade is.

I wonder will it get so hot that we have to find another planet?

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