8,300,000 and Rising!

Is aquisitional materialistic hedonism working?

Perhaps it is for some but last year in the UK there were 8,300,000 people taking some form of antidepressant, that figure is 12% of the total population and was on the up. Some figures I have found for France suggest that the antidepressant percentage is 9.7% but the anti-anxiolytic figure was a whopping 17.4%. I did wonder why the French kept banging on about being anxious.

That is a large number of people who are not happy bunnies.

Prescriptions for children and the elderly are probably down from this figure, so it might suggest that something like 1 in 5 adults had a prescription, in the UK, for antidepressants and well more than 1 in five in France had one for anti-anxiolytics.

This means on average, if you know five people, one of them is being treated for mental “illness”. The illness density per capita is higher in teens and young adults.

What do we do?

Try to persuade them the society as it currently is works and give them some pills? Or do we accept that the modern way of living simply is not working for a fair tranche of the population.

People are not taking climate change seriously; they are not addressing the so-called mental health crisis. I’ll wager as the cost of living crisis worsens the number of prescriptions for pills will get even higher.

There is this “sticking plaster” mentality. “Let’s deal with the effects and not go to the cause…”

Something has got to change and radically so.

If the younger people are being peddled Love Island which is all about vanity and shagging, they are not being given a balanced approach to living. All this obsession with image and appearance, is not conducive to inner peace.

Unfortunately change from within the paradigm of economic “growth” and aquisitional materialistic hedonism is unlikely. There must be a vast paradigm shift or even destruction of paradigm, sooner or later. Humans will not make this shift willingly; they will look for more and more sticking plasters and pray for silver bullet cures.

Future generations, if there are any, will think, “They knew this was happening and they did nothing? They fiddled with each other while the planet burned!”

It is unlikely that I have more than twenty years left on the clock. I won’t get to see if the “agreed” targets are met by 2050. I will wager that they will not be.

Just when will humanity understand the difference between more and enough?

This is the crux and the solution and is simplicity in itself. It is so obvious, but people in general do not want to shift in that direction…

More is the cause of the climate crisis. The paradigm of unlimited growth in a finite ecosystem is obviously and ultimately untenable. Yet economists keep banging on about growth; it is deeply illogical. The mantra of “growth” is the mantra of excessive consumption. People don’t phrase it that way, consume, consume, consume does not sound as nice as grow. It is a legerdemain.

Is aquisitional materialistic hedonism working?


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