The Korrigans and the Silver Bowl

As you may be aware the moon is full at the moment, and this coupled with heat can make it a tad difficult to sleep. Also, the smaller folk are more active.

We bought three small “silver” dog bowls. One for water and the other two to stop Felix and Trip Hazard {stray cats} fighting over food. Trip Hazard has been taken to the vets as he was not very feral, he deserved the chance of a proper home. So now there are only two bowls. Felix still hangs around a bit.

Last night the water bowl was full, and we topped up the food bowl initially with some pet food and later with some scraps of lamb from our meal. At around 9pm there were two silver-coloured, metallic effect bowls of around 15cm diameter and 8cm depth, by the hedge. They are made of plastic and weigh only a few grams.

This morning only the water bowl was there!

We checked the hedgerow and under the bushes, no bowl to be seen. These are quite big and shiny so they are easy to spot. If the cat moved them, they would not move them far, they have no opposing thumbs.

The options for moving the bowls are:

  1. A human being
  2. The Korrigans
  3. The Magpies

Quite why a human being would sneak into our garden and move a dog bowl is a question difficult to answer.

The bowls, although shiny, are a bit big for a magpie.

Therefore, it is most likely that the Korrigans have moved the bowl.

We shall see what happens to the other bowl tonight, if I empty out the water and feed Felix in it…

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