Unemployable and 14 Year Old Camera

We went up to the coast this afternoon and there was no space in the carpark. There were loads of out of towners and many Belgians, Dutch, Luxembourgers and Germans. There was a spattering of Brits whose dress sense was revelatory of their nationality.

From now on the weekends are taboo…

Since talk of the cost of living crisis began and what with this year having been very dry and warm, I have been mulling on two themes.

The first is getting a seriously big water system. The pump delivers 5 pond inches per tank of petrol. Thus, it should be possible to harvest and purify water, say during winter. 1000 litre tanks are readily available, and I am sure that I could rig up a purification system.

I thought about selling photos but that is a crowded market and besides my 14 year old camera is showing signs of wear and tear. I think the sensor is losing sensitivity as I am having to back off on brightness. A replacement is expensive…

It occurred to me that here in France I am unemployable. The only thing I could do here is maybe help people with their English or do online tutoring, either of English or Physics or Chemistry.

If we went back to the UK, I could possibly still tutor Physics or Chemistry, privately.

I am unemployable there too, in effect. Without references or recent experience there is no possibility of a job. Maybe I could work in a supermarket?

I can dream up ideas for patent applications, but I am nevertheless unemployable…

Weird but true

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