What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

I am a lone individual living in a small commune in rural Brittany. It is likely that nobody has written a quantum optics patent application here before. As a Welshman I have submitted to the IPO in South Wales. It could make a local interest story in the local newspapers here. “Mad Welshman who did a reverse Brexit files for quantum optics patent…” I have met the head of the Agglo and the local developmental agency. I spoke with the photonics cluster. There are loads of laser companies here. Nothing has happened since I bust my hip.

Other than this I am not an entity, nor do I pertain to an entity. I have no power by association. Nor do I have a .edu or a .ac.uk email address.  It is a moot point as to whether I am being taken seriously or not. I have not forked out the requisite five grand for a patent attorney. Ergo I could be see as one of the “whacky racers” who makes stuff up in my attic or shed. There is little political risk in dealing with a “nobody”, not so for some big entity or some big cheese.

If they start to argue and I do not back off, what might happen then?

They are big, I am small…

What could possibly go wrong? {A lot methinks}

I have to consider if I want to set this in motion or not.

Is it about vanity or something entirely different?

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