Impressions and What Level to Pitch?

I have been offered the chance for a face to face online discussion. This is what I look like today.

It does not say, “I am a boffin”. It perhaps says out of work bouncer…

This from


To work as a patent examiner for the IPO, you’ll need a 2:2 degree or above in a relevant science, engineering, mathematics or computer science subject. Job adverts will state the disciplines that are being recruited for, so you’ll need to look out for jobs that relate to your area of expertise.

You don’t need legal experience before joining the IPO as you’ll be trained in the relevant legal and practical skills once you’re in post.


Salaries for patent examiners at the IPO start at £29,061, including a £3,030 recruitment and retention allowance. With experience this can rise to around £36,600 a year

Senior patent examiners can earn around £52,700 to £56,200, including a £2,020 recruitment and retention allowance.

Salaries for patent examiners at the EPO follow a grading system and vary depending on your experience. Patent examiner basic monthly salaries (grades 7 to 10) are around €5,360 to €8,340.”


Ok the person I am in contact with has at least a Desmond {Tutu} but probably not a Ph.D. as we had both previously assumed.


From the University of Adelaide – Not a part of the core honours physics courses which goes up to 4060b but a part of the postgraduate courses…

PHYSICS 7010 – Non-Linear Optics

North Terrace Campus – Semester 1 – 2022

A review of laser physics and an introduction to non-linear optical phenomena with applications. Laser physics content: optical amplification, gain saturation, laser threshold and efficiency, spatial and spectral mode control, CW and pulsed lasers, including Q-switching, cavity dumping and mode locking. Nonlinear optics content: chi-2 processes, three-wave mixing and phase matching, SHG, SFG, DFG, OPA, OPO; Pockels effect; chi-3 processes, third-harmonic generation, optical Kerr effect; Inelastic scattering, stimulated Raman scattering, stimulated Brillouin scattering; nonlinear interaction of light and atoms.


So, it is possible that the person may not know as much about this stuff as I do…

The reply I have written so far might be a bit too technical…hmn…

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