Synthesis or Analysis?

Over a century ago at places like The Royal Institution emerging science and Eastern thought could, on occasion, be found in the same building. At the beginning of the 20th century London was awash with new thinking and like a curious blotting paper for ideas.

Now it seems that knowledge has become pigeonholed.  It seems that you have to belong to one camp or the other. There is chasm or a schism between materialistic science and spirituality. Science these days, if I may be so bold, is way more commercial than it ever was. Pure exploration is not fundable, there must be a justification or quasi-justification in terms of commercial outcome.

I studied for my Ph.D. at The Royal Institution of Great Britain. The subject was high resolution molecular spectroscopy of hydrogen bonded complexes using state of the arts lasers. I have a Ph.D. in chemical physics and yet here I am talking about esoteric science, dreams, evil and Buddhism.

To me there is no schism. I have not over analysed and compartmentalised. It is as natural as can be for me to read a patent on quantum optics one day and an arcane Buddhist sutra the next.

So, what has happened?

Has acquisitional materialistic hedonism killed off genuine {as opposed to woke} spirituality?

Are people afraid in case society frowns on the notion of spirit?

Will it damage reputation and prevent funding?

The Tibetan speaks of the sixth ray of idealism and devotion leaving manifestation this century. This is the ray of polarisation, the ray of division and of separation. The ray of taking sides, capitalism or communism, “science” or religion. One must be devoted to only one church. One cannot be a quantum superposition state under the influence of this ray. It is either or not both and. He says that the incoming ray the ray of synthesis will be fully manifest by the end of this century.

This suggests that somehow, we as a species must get past this devisive and analytical polarisation. Perhaps I am simply a minor harbinger of the kind of assimilation process which awaits others.

If I am genuinely a reincarnated Buddhist monk / priest, why did I incarnate in such a way as to find myself for a little while at the very core of British science?

It is possible using lower analytical mind to pick holes in anything. People like to show off by picking holes and being “clever”. They tend to forget the bigger picture in their attempt to score points. It is rather petty but habitual.

We already have enough colanders…

Will it really take a mass dis-incarnation event for humanity to turn back towards spirit?

Perhaps it might…

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