Is Knowledge Fixed and Rigid?

The answer of course is a big fat no.

But people who subscribe to the current fashionable world version are adamant from time to time that the current world version is the only explanation. They will not accept things that stray from the “accepted” dogma.  

I just found this on the BBC web site:

“The cultural changes that took place following the Neolithic are huge, but we don’t know a lot of how those changes happened,” she said.

However, even in the hands of such experienced archaeologists, one AlUla discovery has continued to elude explanation. Spread over an area of a staggering 300,000 sq km and built to a fairly consistent type, are 1,600 monumental rectangular stone structures that also date to the Neolithic period. Initially named “gates” due to their appearance from the air, the structures were later renamed “mustatil”, which translates to “rectangle” in Arabic.

“It makes the mind race that we have structures as big as five to six football fields, made of thousands of tonnes of stone, that not only cover such as massive geographic region but that also are 7,000 years old,” said Dr Hugh Thomas, co-director of Aerial Archaeology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Projects (AAKSAU). He has been working alongside McMahon for the past two years conducting aerial archaeology surveys and targeted excavations to understand the mustatil’s purpose.

New discoveries are being made all of the time, yet people can be very insistent. There are loads of theories about the past, we may be interpreting the past through transference from today. We pooh pooh the flat earth hypothesis and that the rotation of the universe is about the earth. What will future humanity pooh pooh about our times? Are we the only ones {ever} in history that are getting everything right?

I’ll suggest one thing: mobile ‘phone blindness, and in the context of climate crisis.

How many mobile phones have you had? I am on my third, which I share, having purchased my first one in the late nineties.

The above data are in tonnes of CO2

Have a look at these carbon footprint data. I weigh 94 kg, so a new phone produces nearly as much carbon dioxide by mass as a middle aged welshman weighs! That shiny thing to which you have an umbilicus, does that!! If you have never been to a semiconductor fabrication plant, it may surprise you how high the footprint of a ‘phone is. Silicon is made from sand; how hot do you think you have to heat sand to get it to melt?

Many bang on about climate change and then upgrade their ‘phones…There is a blindness to inconvenient truths.

People are lazy they tend to speak about evolving knowledge as if it is fixed, absolute and true. They don’t say things like the current socially accepted view is… I have heard scientists speaking as if the model is the reality, rather than in the context of…blah,blah, blah.

Do you think it is possible that we might discover things archeological which we currently rule out as myth and fantasy?

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