Other People’s Crap

I doubt if the allegedly out going prime minister is aware of how much clearing up after him people have done over the years and will continue to do with the debris of his helter-skelter administration. Some naturally cause messes, debris and well yes, crap. They can be completely blind to the detritus they leave in their wake. They do not care and arrange yet another party. Party on dude. Excellent.

Some never clean up their own messes.

Over the years I have cleared up after several people, in particular where people have not thought things through and have acted hastily. I have had a very large number of dreams in which I am dealing with the consequences of other people and the messes they create through selfish self-interest. Sometimes it is impossible to clean up the mess.

This morning I had a dream in which I had to clean up a blockage caused by a large amount of rubbish left behind by people who did not give their mess a second thought.  I used my plumbers’ rods to shift this and then work on a drain which was blocked with crap.  As I did this I was spattered with other people’s crap. Nevertheless, I continued with my work until the blockage was removed and a large swathe of crap and paper came flowing down the drain.

Shit is the dreaming symbol for desire for money. There was / is a blockage caused by other people’s crap {greed and avarice} and I worked at removing that blockage.

It is definitely a metaphor for something I have done numerous times, that is worked to remove a blockage and getting covered in shit for my efforts. It has in the past been a thankless task.

Party on dude, most excellent.

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