Karmic Entanglement

If pairs of photons can, because of the quantisation of the electric field, be created in quantum superposition states, or in other words entangled is it unreasonable to suggest that the karma of various individuals is also somehow entangled?

I once devoted a lot of time looking into harmonic and anharmonic oscillator wave functions so as to understand molecular Franck Condon factors. Turns out the maths using ladder operators has direct parallels with photon creation and annihilation operators.

See physics is talking some religious stuff…Shiva the creator, Shiva the destroyer.

In entanglement when one photon in an entangled pair is measured, the fate {quantum states} of the other is known and at a distance too, instantaneously.

Imagine then if the karma, the fate and the destiny of two putative beings were fully entangled, if the karma, the fate and the destiny of one of the beings becomes known does it imply that there is no longer any choice in the karma, the fate and the destiny of the other being.

Looking back to the bible story it was perhaps the fate of Judas to enable the crucifixion of Jesus. If Judas had not acted, Jesus would not have been captured tortured and killed. Judas is maligned when without him it might never have happened. According to the story he was causal. The trajectory of these two beings headed towards a nodal point wherein the future of the entire planet was altered. After that point their two trajectories, which had been converging, diverged sharply.

Judas acted and this heralded the execution of Jesus.

So, there is some loose metaphor and analogy between quantum optics and the study of karma.

Maybe I’ll develop this a little more…

For whatever reason I am getting some intuitional “breakthrough” from people at the institution I once worked at, donkey’s years ago.


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