Clinging on to Power

There is a war in Ukraine, a cost of living crisis and a climate change crisis. And what is the UK talking about? Whether or not the old Etonian prime minister knew about one of his pals fondling a pair of bollocks by the urinals at the back of the bike sheds.

Sending junior ministers incorrectly briefed in front of the media canons to die is not the action of a man with any sense of right and wrong. It is embarrassing.

The “big dog” is losing his battle with power. The sense of entitlement is unravelling. He may believe himself to be in the right, but he is a tad mistaken.

It is symptomatic of the whole notion of Britannia rules the waves. Sabre rattling at China. Gee I bet they are scared. We can no longer send a gun boat up the Yangtse.

This is the 21st century..

The trade deficit since Brexit has widened as access to the EU is more complex…

The French newspapers had some articles this morning, but they have been pulled in the light of an evolving situation. It seems like a wait and see to report on the Westminster farce.

The Untied Kingdom looks more ever likely… For the SNP Bo-Jo is probably their best asset in seeking a referendum…

When you are in a hole it is best to stop digging…

Time to take a look at the patent documents me-thinks.

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