No Chip on His Shoulder!

We bought a cat / dog carrier on Thursday. Each day since then I have sat next to it and coaxed the cat, Trip Hazard, in. I tempted it with food, for hours, and I held back on rations.  I placed a bowl right at the back with morsels in. I can be very patient. Yesterday it went all the way in while I sat on the floor next to the carrier. I let it finish its meal. I estimated that I would have a good chance of capture today. Sure enough, while it was scoffing it let me softly push the two hind legs into the carrier and close the door. It did not twig what had happened until the food was nearly finished.

After that it was not a happy bunny.

We took him up to the vets to look for a microchip. She checked he still has his cohones, but no chip or ear tattoo. The chips are usually inserted between the shoulder blades. It was strange hearing someone talk to a cat in French. His fate is now uncertain. Hopefully because of his friendly nature he will find a new home at the animal protection. Otherwise, he is on death row.

It is a bit sad, but probably for the best. Fingers crossed he will find a family.

We can buy a new doormat now that his is not messing it up.

3 out of 4 lawns mowed now…maybe a day off tomorrow…

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