Egotists Are Unaware of Their Egotism

Shortcomings are analogous to blind spots. If you have a shortcoming you are wholly unaware that you have it, whereas others see it like a big red throbbing thumb. If you are forever blowing your own trumpet and belittling others, this may seem normal to you. You might imagine that the plebs are graced by your mere presence if you deign to cooperate with them. You may think that you are a pleasure to work with when others think that you are an utter nightmare.

Egotists are not often self-aware.

If you have egotism, it is likely that you imagine your contribution to any endeavour is way higher and more important than it is or was. You might imagine yourself to have led something, been the inspiration for it, when you were not.

In the UK there is a lot of spin and marketing. People are taught to sing their own praises at job interview, in research assessment exercises. Bigging it up and hype are two diseases imported from the USA. Bullshitting, it seems, is a vital skill for self-advancement.

Society encourages egotistical behaviour and the over egging of the personal pudding to get promotions and on in the world.

Get this some people are proud that they have a high opinion of themselves even if that opinion is inflated and disproportionate. We are proud to be ambitious and are happy to foxtrot over the little guy just so long as we win!!

Many egotists are forever playing the victim game. There is always an excuse for any failure. Rarely is responsibility shouldered by an egotist.

” No rules were broken in having a bring your own booze gathering during lockdown…!!”

The egotist has blind spots. Rules apply only to the plebs and not the egotist.


Do others doff their cap at you when you deign to work with them?

Are they grateful for your bounty and patronage?

Are you in fact a necessary evil that they must endure because of your positional power?

Do people dread having to work with you because you are an egotistical nightmare who lacks even a nanogram of self-awareness?

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