Unban Myths and Change of Tack

In various places I have heard that leaving mobile phone chargers plugged in and devices in standby wastes a lot of electricity. It is a kind of urban myth. The fridge has been a little flaky. So, I bought a plug in power use monitor for 20 euros. When you first plug in your devices on standby, it draws current as it sets itself up. If you wait a couple of minutes the current reading drops below one milliamp, unmeasurable with this device. The hasty might imagine that there is significant power wastage. When you turn the TV and satellite box off, they still draw current for a few minutes. A cooling fan perhaps?

Less than one milliamp at mains voltage is not going to cause significant global warming, nor break the bank. Perhaps it was the older generation of devices that used a lot in standby?

Today I started looking up the French words in my book using a French dictionary as opposed to a French to English one. I am getting a pretty good intuitive understanding of what is going on even though there are many words I do not know. It seems that using a French dictionary will actually aid my assimilation of the language quicker than translation. I only had to translate one word.

We are waiting now for the dude to come and pick up the two oxygen concentrators, puffing billy and little puffing billy.  We had to get a written prescription for this to happen!!

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