Trying to Catch Trip Hazard

Having read up on the subject it seems we have to get Trip Hazard checked for a microchip. { Bill Gates put it in him with his anti-Covid vaccinations. } I think that he, Trip Hazard, would make someone a really nice pet. He doesn’t piss up the wall which suggests that he has had the snip. He is friendly and chatty. He wants to be inside near a fire and watching Netflix. We can’t have that, due to health concerns.

Our first attempts at getting him in the pet carrier failed. So, I then took to trying to tempt him in, post trauma. This meant that I knelt in the cat feeding area with a bowl of cat food in the cat carrier. All the while I was doing this the more feral cat Felix was watching from about 3 metres away. Felix tried to stare me down but like Bodhidharma I can keep my eyes open for a long time. Cats try to freak humans out using the force. They don’t like it when you do the same back. Felix has figured out that I am not a stress bunny, so he is getting closer to me. In any case he is a lot quicker than me.

As a rule, cats like to play “patience” games. They haven’t figured out some humans like this too.

I have played patience games with cats in the past. Sometimes it takes a week!!

No dinner for Trippy tonight.

We shall see how keen he is to go in the carrier tomorrow morning when he will be a little more peckish…

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