As the saying goes you cannot step in the same river twice. At the macroscopic level it might be called Le Jaudy, but every river evolves in time. In science it is the increase in entropy which denotes {conventionally} the direction of time. Time is measured spectroscopically to ultrahigh precision by atomic clocks, its direction by disorder.

For a number of things there is but a fleeting moment of chance. The time window, the time aperture remains open for a short period. During that period something might be possible, when the aperture closes it is no longer possible.

If you think about it every utterance is irreversible, one might say sorry, but the fact of utterance has happened and the opportunity to be silent has been missed. With each utterance the world changes a tad.  People might lie and then subsequent to that they have to prop up that lie. The lie perhaps said flippantly takes on a life of its own. It has a trajectory in time.

In the USA they are up in arms about abortion rights. The abortion does not reverse the consequences of conception it can make it less cumbersome to bear.  Every abortion has some form of emotional and psychological detritus. This may be less than the decades long interaction between parents and offspring. It does not reverse, a string of events caused by the act of conception whether willing, coerced or drunken.

This illusion of putting the genie back in the bottle is simply that, an illusion.  Saying sorry for the brutalities of colonialism and taking down statues, does not alter the effects.  It is too late, the horse has already bolted, so why bother trying to close the door?

People imagine that they have all the time in the world and that they are clever enough to put things “right”. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot does that mean? Do reparations ever repair? Nah. It is a socio-political leger de main for appearance sake alone.

At temporal nodes fates diverge, space-time branches. To use a facile example. I once had a life trajectory based in UK science. Something happened and now my trajectory finds me here as a recluse in rural Brittany. This divergence is irreversible. I cannot be put back into the bottle, I am way too feral for that.

People are complacent, they imagine that they have all the time in the world.

Attaining impermanence informs on irreversibility and it, impermanence, is the very essence of the eternal now. Whatever you are doing right now is causal, you cannot reverse it, effects will follow.

This fleeting instant has gone, never to return.


What a joy: to hear the utterance of a Rasta

Black Uhuru

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