Strange Start to the Day – Weird Dream

Yesterday I got absolutely soaked finishing off mowing one of the lawns. I was only in the rain for five minutes or so, but I got wet through. I had forgotten how much I liked being out in the rain. As a consequence of riding the sit on mower I had John Wayne cowboy hips last night. “Get off your horse…”

This morning I had a very weird dream.

In that dream were my dead parents and J. He too is dead. He came into my office carrying with him a bird of prey. My desk was cluttered with my patent application. The bird of prey looked to be part eagle, part owl. It stood on the table.

I picked up my camera with the telephoto lens on and went to take its photo.

{In “real life” my camera is on the table to my right on top of my patent application documents.}

The bird, in impeccable English, said to me that it did not want to have its photo taken. It said that the flash hurt its eye, specifically the left eye.

I put the camera down.

It walked along the table and then stood directly in front of me.

It leaned forward and touched its beak to my nose. The feeling was not of threat but of a kind of camaraderie.  We were in tune.

I asked if I could take its photo without flash.

It said yes and stepped back.

I picked up the camera, now with a normal lens on it.

It let me take several pictures…

The dream ended and I felt invigorated.

This is the closest image I could find on the internet, an eagle owl.


Nose is the dreaming symbol for personal power

Birds of prey except owls are the symbol for power as in knowledge

Owls are death of the old / wisdom

Dead people – death of the old…patent thinking is old? Perhaps.

Photography is the need to recapitulate the contents of the image.

Eye is sobriety / clarity

Left is left side knowledge / feeling

This is about my relationship with power, knowledge and wisdom, methinks, peut-être…

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