Guru Deva Elephant – Sahasrara Dream 21-01-21

This dream was preceded by another which follows. They both had a very strong Indian theme.

I am going to the port to meet Guru Deva. He has been long expected and he comes for me.  I meet him as he gets off a rather small ship into a small tropical port. He is a young Indian man in his mid-thirties. He is wearing only a loincloth. His chest is muscled and hairy and his hair if of medium length. It is jet black and scruffy. He has a glint in his eye and is very pleased to see me. He gives me a big hug and then we bow namaste.

I lead him off to show him our library. The women there are a little put off by his near nakedness. He touches one of them on the arm and she recoils shocked. He tells me telepathically that it takes western women a while to get used to his earthiness.

We move on through a grassy park where people are playing cricket to some kind of bridge or underpass. There are big, vaulted pillars. His team are there, and they welcome us with music. The male dancers, similarly dressed as Guru Deva start dancing. They then line up in two lines. They raise oblong sheets of shiny metal, much like shields to make a corridor. Then Guru Deva leads a large elephant along the corridor. This elephant is for me. The dancers converge and the elephant disappears into a small toy elephant which Guru Deva hands over to me with a big smile.

We then go down to a beach. The tide has not long gone out. The sand is firm. Guru Deva then intimates mind to mind that I must watch carefully what he does next. He dances a thousand petalled lotus into the sand, a Sahasrara. It is for me and he has danced it for me.

Dream ends.

In the previous dream I am walking around an immaculate older building in London. As I am walking, I am speaking with a small young Indian woman dressed in a sari. She has extremely lustrous jet-black hair. Her English is impeccable with an upper-class accent. She is asking me about my academic background in a very respectful way. I speak to her about University College London, The Royal Institution, Berne and Imperial College. She is fascinated and polite. She leads me through a door and as she does this, I understand that this palatial home belongs to her family which is very wealthy.

Dream ends.

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