Being Different

Take a look at the post previous about heresy and apostasy.

I’ll speculate that I believe in things which differ from those held to be true by the vast majority of my erstwhile science academic colleagues. I have suggested that the Holy Grail {standard model including big bang} is by way of an unfinished and evolving creation myth {hypothesis or set of postulates}. On the night of the last full moon, I went down to the Le Jaudy and had a conversation with the korrigans there, thanking them for letting us stay. So, I believe in the little people. I was offered to come and live with the son of the headman and trainee shaman in a Masai village whilst I was working in South Kensington. Later I quit what I call the church of reason yet I still understand its creed and teachings. I know the context to/in which they apply but there is more than one context.

It would not be unreasonable to say that I am therefore both a heretic and an apostate to the church of reason, using the descriptors furnished on Wikipedia.

Being different from the norm, renders one suspect. One is not welcomed home like the prodigal.

Right now, I am contemplating mowing the lawn this afternoon and just to my right is the documentation for my patent application, which I am putting off looking at.

It is up to you the reader to decide if I am stark raving mad or not. I talk to the fairies and write patent applications based upon the phenomenon of quantum entanglement! Which is more spooky?

I write about the esoteric constitution of man and the workings of Melphalan. I have no conceptual problem in my mind with any of these juxtapositions.

How do you think I have been treated?

Is it possible there have been “whispers” about me?

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