Creation Myths

Every age has its creation myths. They do not necessarily concur. A fair part of the current population is relatively comfortable with the so-called Big Bang theory based upon electromagnetic measurements and some pretty darned fancy and expensive instruments. Thanks to a TV programme and a catchy tune, passing knowledge of it is widespread. But we don’t know for sure the fate of our current universe. Will it expand forever? Will it crunch?

What we are talking about is the manifested universe and the manifesting universe. It is in many ways all about matter, stuff.

It is not beyond the realms of possibility that a society in 2000 years from now would look back and say “gee weren’t they quaint to think like that. Did they not notice the gaping holes in their theories?”

Do we not poke fun at the flat earthers and those who imagine that the heavens rotated around our earth?

We are unique, our creation myths are the only ones in history to be right and accurate ever. We are so clever…

In times when the most powerful country on the planet has reverted to Abrahamic versions of theology and with blinkers. {You can’t kill a foetus, but you can carry a gun and execute people by lethal injection.} The world looks more than a little crazy. A technologically advanced society has stone age dogmatic tendencies.

I have just typed a question into Google. “What came before the big bang?” There is no definitive answer, there is guesswork and speculation.

I’ll speculate any humanoid from the future looking back would judge our current behaviour as ludicrously wanton, bellicose and stupid. Humanity is investing its time and effort into all the wrong things. They will find our warships, our nuclear bunkers and missiles. They will see the money invested in stealth bombers. They might note the time and effort sending people to Mars. {Eventually}

What they won’t see is desalination plants, massive Silicon solar farms, huge wind farms and local moderate sized nuclear power plants or fusion reactors.

The money spent on bellicose “defence” is not being used to face the needs of humanity.

A future society might look at our times as dark, bellicose and escapist. It might call it the wanton ages.

We all know there is climate change, but what do we do. We fly off on holiday and take foxtrotting selfies which we put up on social media. “Hey, I am a green vegan tree hugger. Look at my Brazilian butt lift and my air miles bonus points.”

This is the age of the wanton ostrich with its head deep in the sand.

If there are any humans left in 2000 years’ time what do think they would make of the way we are living now?

Would they be impressed?

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